Best Hair Dryer in India: Buying Guide For Hair Dryer 2020

The most vital device other than the mobile phone that is carried by an individual, especially women is the hairdryer. Hairdryers are as a synonymous term for the blow-dry. The product has an inbuilt electric fan that blows air through a heating coil and thus resulting in the production of hot air. However, excessive use of blow dryers may damage the strength as well as the quality and texture of the hair.

The concept of hairdryer is explained further in pointers that specify its features, the technology used in it, the pros and the cons related to the usage of a hair drier and the rest. The product is used in a wide range by the professionals, for men and women. The article further acts like a buying guide for the readers.


The manufacturer of a hairdryer in India use the latest technologies which produce not only hot air to dry the hairs but also blows cold air. It also releases electrically charged ions with less infrared rays, and nano charged particles.

Several changes are adopted, and improvement made with the invention of new techniques that enhance the safety of the users who use hairdryer often. The manufacturers come up with latest technologies that attract fellow customers.


The hairdryer must have the following characteristics.

Portable: The product’s weight should be light enough so that it can easily carry during traveling.

Heat Adjustment: There should be a minimum of four levels of heat adjustment so that it can use for all hair types.

Length Of Cord: The cord length should be more prominent so that the customer should not have to stick to the plug points.

Availability: In the market, there are three types of hair dryer model is available, i.e., ceramic coated, tourmaline, and ionic dryer. Therefore choose the model according to the hair type.

Safety: There should be a safer distance between the coils and the end of where the air comes out. The device should not get overheated during or after usage.

Warranty: The warranty should be at least a year and should cover the damages caused during the usage of the product.


The hairdryer is in higher need by the individuals. The dryers that are mostly preferred by professionals, men, and women are.

Chaoba 2000 Watts, Syska, Hesley, IAS combo curler; straightener and dryer are few hair dryers preferred by the men.

Women, on the other hand, uses Philips hairdryer with the straightened kit, Syska hairdryer Vega blooming hairdryer and the rest.

The professionals use the Dyson supersonic hair dryer and Conair Infiniti Pro that gives a perfect salon finish to the hairs.


Preferably there are three types of hair dryer models. The first is the ceramic hair dryer model that has a ceramic coating which emits non-damaging infrared heat. Second is the iconic dryer that breaks down the water molecules and retains moisture in the hair for healthier long term outcomes. The third is the tourmaline dryer has a mineral coating that emits the negative ions and heat and makes the hair shinier.

Hair-Dryers buying guide

Buying Guide

Watt: The wattage the product produces, the higher the wattage (heat) provided, the quicker it will dry the hair.

Speed & Hair Setting: The speed and the heat setting in the device can further help to select the required amount of heat flow to the hair.

Type Of Dryer: Different hair dryer models are introduced in the market, one with ceramic coating, another with ionic drying and that with tourmaline drying.

Voltage: The heater should also have a dual voltage controlling technology; however, it is only found in foreign countries.

Portable: The dryer should have foldable handles so that it is easy to carry during traveling.


Hairstyling, especially the one with a blow-dry and flat irons, are considered to be the vital tools in the girl’s stockpile. In the mere future, the manufacturers are focusing on improving the designs of the product that will attract users, especially the younger generation. Thus, through technological breakouts, the introduction to a new range of hairdryers is possible.



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To sum up, the usage of the product is not to be considered harmful in a whole. It helps in the prevention of accumulation of bacteria on the scalp that causes irritation, dandruff, and many other problems. Besides excessive usage of it can cause damage to the hair strands, and that will ultimately lead to hair loss. Therefore, using it in the small ratio would not cause any harm to the individuals.

  • Faster in comparison to hand towels.
  • It gives smooth hair.
  • Saves times and helps to detangle the hair effortlessly.
  • Burns and dehydrates the hairs.
  • Hair loses its brightness and shine.
  • Weakens the hair strands.
  • Ruins the texture of hair.
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