Best Surveillance Cameras in India: Buying Guide For Surveillance Cameras 2020

Find Best Surveillance Cameras in India based on performance, features, and reviews. First of all, Surveillance cameras are closed- circuit-television (CCTV), where we can use a video camera for transmission of the signal to a particular place, on a few sets of the monitor. Therefore, we can use it to monitor on public or even on animals. The primary use of it is for public safety and sometimes to prevent or solve a crime. The India market has verities of these, and the buyers have a tough time to select the best surveillance cameras.


One can install it anywhere, either hidden or visible, for indoor or outdoor. So many places, like banks, stores, ATM, or even in courtrooms, where they are the best option to monitor people’s behavior and activities. Now a day’s information collected from these is helping police and judiciary to solve cases.

Buying Guide

Before buying it, you need to get into the details, like the types and features, pros n cons, etc.

Trak plug and play- WiFi IP p2p CCTV

Trak plug and play- WiFi IP p2p CCTV is a pocket-friendly camera with top-class quality & facilities. Easy setup & installation requires no technical support.
Color- white
Weight- 200grams
No battery required
Indoor use
Built-in WiFi
Trak plug and play- WiFi IP p2p CCTV just needs to connect to power supply & nearby wireless connection. It starts monitoring within minutes after paired up with smartphone applications. Through wireless device transfer video footage to smartphones or tablets.
Trak plug and play- WiFi IP p2p CCTV Supports advanced Cloudlink P2P network transmission technology. So that any remote place can be monitored whenever they require. With the help of multiple access facilities, several users can get live streaming at the same time. To record & store the footage, an SD card is required.
It is lightweight. One can control people over a camera with the help of a 2-way audio output facility. Motion & sound detector ensure security by sending photo alert to concern person. Last, of all, the night vision IR lens enhances the product quality in terms of capturing clear & crisp video footage in low light conditions.
Both way audio outputs
Live video streaming
Slow transmission
Limited night vision

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D3D Wireless HD IP WiFi CCTV Indoor Security Camera

D3D Wireless HD IP WiFi CCTV Indoor Security Camera is the best option among its category. It can deliver the best display graphics, which is the USP of the product. They are a very lightweight analog device made of the plastic body.
Dimension- 124X121X142 mm
Weight -150 g
Lens size- 3.6 mm
Colour- white
Warranty- 1 Year
The device is Wire-free except for the power cord with the WiFi antenna at the back. D3D Wireless HD IP WiFi CCTV Indoor Security Camera may Pan at 355 degrees and Tilt 120 degrees to cover up the maximum area. The device can detect motion and send alerts.
The device contains some exciting features, which makes it the best choice in the market. Some of them are Cloud recording, 30feet with full clarity, 1/4 CMOS sensor, 1 MP resolution, etc.
D3D Wireless HD IP WiFi CCTV Indoor Security Camera offers Full 1080p high definition graphics. It has an SD card slot up to 128GB storage capacity. Finally, day and night vision enhances the quality of the product.
Clear and Crisp high definition Picture
Two Way Audio
Connectivity issue
Can’t operate from mobile

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Saviour Wireless IP HD WiFi CCTV

Saviour Wireless IP HD WiFi CCTV is another name of the smart home monitoring & security system.  It is light-weight and comparatively expensive. 
Package dimension – 23.2 x 21.5 x 13.7 cm
Voltage – 5 volt
Wattage- 3 watt
Battery required
Warranty – 1 year (limited)
Saviour Wireless IP HD WiFi CCTV can be controlled through the smartphone application. It allows multiple cameras to connect with a single smartphone application. They come with a MicroSD slot with expandable storage capacity up to 128 GB.
Saviour Wireless IP HD WiFi CCTV has exclusive multiple sensors. It can detect motion, the opening of access, gas, or fire leakage. As well as it suspects any abnormality, it generates loud siren. One can receive an anti-theft alarm also.
This device supports two-way audio outputs so that one can communicate from another place. Inbuilt sensor cover-up wide range of space by intrusion up to 164 feet. Finally, built-in infrared LEDs enrich the product with superior night vision in low light.
Easy setup and installation
Various sensor facilities 
Superior night vision mode
Support multiple users
Little expensive than others

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iBall – Home Security Smart HD Peep-hole Viewer – IB-VPV24A3

The design of iBall – Home Security Smart HD Peep-hole Viewer – IB-VPV24A3 is to serve protection against safety issues. Able to view or record everything at both indoor and outdoor spaces.
Package dimension- 25.7 x 20 x 6.4 cm
Weight- 830 gms.
4.3-inch High Definition LCD Touch Screen
3500mAH Lithium Rechargeable battery
Storage- Micro SD card
Primary camera
Doorbell With Vice Reminder
Warranty- up to 3 year
iBall – Home Security Smart HD Peep-hole Viewer – IB-VPV24A3 comes with 1-32 auto digital zoom which covers the maximum area. It has a 2-megapixel camera. Expandable Micro SD card slot is there to store recorded data up to 32 GB. The camera also has a 1-month standby mode while not in use.
iBall – Home Security Smart HD Peep-hole Viewer – IB-VPV24A3 has a 4.3 inch HD LCD TouchScreen. 24hr PIR sensor can detect any movement within 2Mtr. Therefore, Device can send voice reminders automatically whenever detect any suspicious event.
The product produces image with 4032×2268 / 1920x1080P / 1280x720P resolution which is impressive. Picture quality is even good enough at low light or night time with the help of 4-infrared intelligent LEDs. 4.3-inch high definition LCD screen helps you to get instant visual.
Camera with 2-megapixel
1080p resolution
Pull & Push design
Standby time- 1 month

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Mi MJSXJ02CM 360Β° 1080P WiFi Home Security

Mi MJSXJ02CM 360Β° 1080P WiFi Home Security is one of the best smart house products apart from the smartphone in the Xiomi house. Dome-shaped cameras are made of durable plastic.
Dimension- 7.8 x 7.8 x 11.8 cm
Weight -239 gram
No battery required
Storage- Micro SD card
2x optical zoom
Warranty- 6 months
Mi MJSXJ02CM 360Β° 1080P WiFi Home Security Camera (White) is easy to install and configure with using Mi Home App. The camera rotates in 360Β°, in order to capture every side of the space. The MicroSD card slot is there for data storage. It comes with a reset button. Advanced Video Encoding Technology enriches device.
This surveillance camera has motion detection technology. Whenever something suspicious is observed, they send notification on your device. Two ways audio facility is also there, it’s advantageous for communicating with another side. The playback system is another special feature with a fast-forwarding option.
Mi MJSXJ02CM 360Β° 1080P WiFi Home Security able to produce bright days like video quality via 8 infrared illuminators. They use f/2.1 aperture to capture more light. Furthermore, infrared night motion confirms good & prominent image even at the low light condition.
360 Β° view
Motion detection
Infrared night vision
Does not support cloud backup

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ProElite POD04 PTZ 1.3MP CCTV Camera

ProElite POD04 PTZ WiFi Wireless HD Outdoor Waterproof 4X Optical Zoom 960p IP Security Camera CCTV (Supports up to 128 GB SD Card) is made of a metal housing, which is weather resistant. Thus, it makes the device suitable for outdoor space.
Package dimension- 20.4 x 18.2 x 13.2 cm
Item weight- 1.1 kg
Color- white
No battery required
Warranty- 1-year
ProElite POD04 PTZ 1.3MP CCTV Camera can perform only with 2.4 GHz WiFi Router, WiFi Dongles. It creates its own WiFi Hotspot. A super easy setup is possible via a smartphone application.
ProElite POD04 PTZ 1.3MP CCTV Camera can tilt and pan in order to cover every corner of your room or driveway. You can control the rotation of the model from your phone. The alarm recording mode is there. H.264 compression feature makes it possible to save extra recordings.
The model has a 4x zoom and 960p resolution. Built-in IR LEDs with ICR provides excellent viewing experience in complete darkness. Therefore, this device helps you to take care of your children and pet anytime from anywhere.
Easy installation and setup
Act as WiFi HotSpot
Infrared face detection at a distance of 20 meters
Durable body
Memory slot limited to 128 GB chip
Two-way audio system missing
No email notification
Does not support solar panel

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IFITech Foscam C1-Lite Indoor Camera (Under 4000)

IFITech Foscam C1-Lite Indoor Camera (Under 4000) is one of the best security devices for domestic purposes. It comes with a white-colored solid plastic body.
Product dimension- 7.6 x 9.7 x 14 cm
Weight- 136 g
Color- white
Power consumption- 3 watt (max.)
For indoor use
No battery required
Lens type- f: 2.8mm; F: 2.4
Warranty- 1-year (India)
IFITech Foscam C1-Lite Indoor Camera (Under 4000) can monitor the vast space through its wide view angle, diagonally 115Β° & horizontally 100Β°. The motion detection feature sends you a notification via Email whenever any unknown movement is noticed.
IFITech Foscam C1-Lite Indoor Camera (Under 4000) has to Plug & Play function, through which it can be connected with your smartphone. The two-way audio facility allows you to communicate with people while you are at a distance.
The device transmits a soothing streaming video with 1280x720p HD quality. It has built-in DDNS, WiFi, server, microphone, and speaker. Finally, you can store the previous video for evidence in 64 GB memory card inserted within a device.
Excellent video clarity
Motion detection
Controlled via mobile, PC
Display & record
No sensor for night vision
Manual tilt function

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Wizzit HD- Wifi Home Security Camera

Wizzit HD- WiFi home security camera is the wireless product, famous as the most Reliable, Innovative, and Affordable surveillance device. Live Video may Stream at 25fps with Record & Playback facilities.
β€’ Package Dimension- 16 x 16 x 12.2 cm
β€’ Weigh- 472 g
β€’ Indoor usage
β€’ Warranty- 6 months
β€’ No battery required
Wizzit HD- WiFi home security camera is very secured at capture live data and transmission that on the paired laptop, mobile, or any other device. It contains 10 powerful IR – LEDs which intensify night vision up to 26 feet. Feature
Wizzit HD- WiFi home security camera comes with a 2-way audio monitoring system. It helps in communication with the surrounding audience. Motion detection system able to send an alert on your device based on observation. You can expand memory up to 128 GB with an inbuilt Micro SD slot.
1 megapixel 720p (1280 x 720) provides clear and noise-free image & video quality at both day & night. The inbuilt rotating motor provides a view from any angle. Finally, the model supports the Free Personal Cloud Server to avoid the high risk of Hacking, Disclosing.
β€’ Excellent image quality
β€’ Easy setup
β€’ Budget-friendly
β€’ Sound output not good
β€’ Slow transmission rate

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Types and Technology

Mainly, they come in two categories, analog and digital. Analog system works on three different frequencies – 900MHz, 2.4GHz, and 5.8GHz. On the other hand, digital wireless is a transmission of video, and analog audio signal encoded digitally and sent through high bandwidth radiofrequency. Whereas, digital ones have too much high-end features to take your hands off. There are Bullet, Dome, PTZ, with battery-powered, with SIM cards, Surveillance cameras for home, Surveillance cameras outdoor, Surveillance cameras with audio (Smart voice integrated).


Surveillance cameras small- these are small, and one cannot find it easily when surveillance cameras are hidden in some object.
It offers IR night vision and motion detection system.
Surveillance cameras wireless– can send your data wirelessly but for power supply it needs cable.
High-resolution picture quality– they are capable of HD recording.
WiFi connection and SIM slot- in both the cases it gives the user a remote access facility.
Water-resistant– This feature is most important to the outdoor one.
Indoor – The home one is a hot pick for people with kids and elders. There are surveillance cameras for cars, school buses also.


It has an ever-increasing number of buyers. People install them in factories, shops, home, schools, and street corner, bank, etc.

Surveillance cameras Review

Price and warranty

If you want to have a surveillance cameras best buy, you must go through the features and calculate according to your requirement. One may not choose surveillance cameras cheap variety in terms of money and quality, available in the Indian market. Check with the dealers about warranty and service center.


Above all, it has a wide range of users from industrialist to environmentalist, from law enforcement to home and school uses, etc. Depending on the surveillance camera price, you may choose your budget. Finally, take a look at the reviews of the product and offers given by leading websites and go ahead with your best buy.

Frequently asked questions

How many of them do I need?
That depends on the area you want to cover. Usually, 2-6 are convenient.
Which CCTV is useful, color or black and white?
Choose color CCTV one for better identification of people and objects.
Does CCTV offer night vision?
Yes, most CCTV ones come with night vision.
Is there any warranty on CCTV?
Yes, check the warranty period and service details provided by companies before purchasing.
Do I need WiFi for a home?
No, without Internet access, you can get local recording in remote places.
Is it legal?
Yes. It is. It helps the public and government sector. But when it comes to the toilet or any bedroom, it is illegal.



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Best Surveillance cameras India

They can send you live footage. You can zoom or pan its lens according to your needs, and this technological wonder is a. To monitor someone's activity, it can be human or animal, they are the best for the purpose.

  • Public safety
  • CCTV provides safety when you are shopping, clubbing, and traveling with 360Β° seamless surveillance solutions for 24X7.
  • Minimize the crime rate
  • It can reduce the crime rate from society by 20%
  • Maintain records
  • It records every incident, the face of people around by date and time. It makes it easy to check.
  • Gather clues and Evidence
  • Latest security ones record high-quality video along with the audio. It helps to deal with a legal scenario. Night vision facilities are also useful to recognize a crime in dark areas.
  • Convenient for everyday life
  • Through live streaming, authority can monitor over real-time traffic condition, road conditions, and take action accordingly.
  • Privacy
  • 24x7 coverage in private place can make people uncomfortable and anxious. It may occur trust issue and offensiveness.
  • Cost, Complexity, and network
  • A sound monitoring system is quite expensive, depending on features. For its complicated installation and maintenance, you need to hire professionals. The system requires a network set up to keep records and monitor from other places. Thus, your budget goes high.
  • Can't stop crime
  • It only records and transfers the footage to the concerned person. Can't stop any crime or make an alarm for it.
  • Vulnerable
  • Damage and misuse makes security vulnerable.
  • A criminal may disable it. Whereas, hackers can exploit the footage through the internet and spy on you.
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