Bosch Washing Machine in India 2020: Buying Guide


Find  Bosch Washing Machine in India based on performance, features, and reviews. First of all, Bosch is one of the top-notch premium international brands. It is currently offering only the front loaders segment and not any other variety. This century-old brand developed its workplace in the appliance market at Kolkata in the year 1922. This premium European brand, because of its research and development, has a noteworthy existence in the contemporary electronics market. The merchandise quality of Bosch washing machine is highly developed for the customer section.

We offer some valuable tips and research reviews. This information may useful before buying a new Washing Machine. Find Best Washing Machines in India. You can also get details How To Choose The Best Washing Machine and Latest Washing Machine Technologies in India

Bosch Washing Machine Reviews

Bosch Washing Machine Technologies

Bosch Washing Machine generally provides with Series 4, 6, & 8 variants depending upon customer’s financial competence and technological needs.


Bosch washing machine models are engineered to clean the loaded laundry affectionately. When the drum turns in a direction, the leveled section of the paddle washes the garments. When it turns in the opposite direction, the steep part of the paddle cleans it. This is wave-droplet technology.


Bosch Washing Machine India to deal with the diverse population and lifestyle comes with two options – Speed Perfect and EcoPerfect. These modes are available in every series of this foreign brand. ‘Speed Perfect’ is for the users who are in hurry, and ‘EcoPerfect’ is for the ones who can wait for the laundry to get cleaned. Speed Perfect completes the work within an hour. However, Eco Perfect saves up to 66% less energy consumption compared to other modes.


ActiveWater+ comes with a set of 256 sensors for Bosch Washing Machine automatic. These sensors detect the load and fabrics of the laundry. Thus this smart technology ensures saving water depending upon the need of the fabric. Water gets evenly distributed among all garments in the drum; therefore, you get a perfect and clean laundry.


Some technologies are water and power-efficient, Bosch Washing Machine latest models come with detergent efficient models. Too much of detergent would boost the water intake of the machine because there will be additional lather. Also, less of detergent will lead to inefficient washing, discoloration & bad odour of the clothes. Thus, to deal with this struggle, iDOS technology checks the amount of detergent. It depends upon the quality of water & condition of the laundry. Moreover, the technology is only available in Series 6 & 8 of the brand.


Bosch Washing Machine Models provides with AntiVibration technology, which balances the vibrations by ensuring, advanced sensors. The sensors continuously uphold the load balance by adapting to the drum movement. Thus your wash is less noisy and shaky but efficient.


Bosch Washing Machine Models are first to get sanctioned by the European Centre for Allergy Research Foundation.Thus they are certified to be efficient to reduce allergies that are due to the dirt and detergent residues left in dirty laundries. The well-groomed iDOS technology provides with a safer and hygienic wash, to take care of its customers.


Bosch Washing Machine latest model gets equipped with a smart and efficient iQDrive motor. This motor is exceptional because of its silent, quicker, frictionless, and proficient job on laundry. Moreover, it saves about 33% extra energy compared to the previous motor models. This magnetic model has increased the efficiency of the brand even more.

Bosch Washing Machine models


Finally, Bosch, a German brand, has established itself in Indian soil and ensured a promising path in the Indian washing machine industry. Bosch offers fierce competition to the other Asian brands like Samsung, LG, IFB, and Panasonic. Bosch washing machine India has time and again proved its efficiency with its robust front loading technologies. Customers buy depending upon their financial capabilities; the brand is to provide them a product accordingly


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