Godrej Refrigerator In India: Buying Guide Refrigerator 2020

Godrej is the first company to manufacture refrigerators. In 1958 Godrej for the first time introduced refrigerators in the Indian market. The primary specialty of Godrej refrigerator is suitable varieties of single door refrigerator. Above all, Godrej is one of the most preferred brands in India and also referred to as the “Desi Brand” of India.

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Technology Used In Godrej Refrigerator

Dual Fan For All-Around Cooling

The premium models have a dual fan system which ensures independent cooling of the freezer and refrigerator compartments. As this technology uses a dual fan, so it efficiently circulates cold air throughout the fridge.

Cool Shower Technology

The cool shower technology in which the shelves have air vents places above the food products to ensure efficient cooling. Through the air vents, cold air is circulated in multiple directions, which helps in providing uniform cooling throughout the fridge.

Airlock System With JTRT Technology

The premium models of Godrej refrigerator 4 doors have an airlock system which skilfully minimizes the cooling loss of the door of the fridge is opened for a long time intermittently. Also, the refrigerators are equipped with Just the Right Temperature (JTRT) technology, which variable cooling for food preservation.

Digital Touch Control Panel

Godrej refrigerators have a digital touch control panel which is mounted at the front. Therefore, the touch panel helps the user to change mode, customize the temperature, etc. without opening the refrigerator door. Also, it consists of an intelligent mode that brings down the refrigerator temperature by 2oC before defrosting to avoid potential thermal shock, which occurs due to defrosting.

Deodorizer With Stay Cool Technology

The stay-cool technology consists of a cooling gel situated on both sides of the fridge. This gel helps to keep the food frozen for a more extended time during a power cut. Also, the Godrej refrigerators parts have deodorizer consists of carbon palladium that filters out a foul odor and removes ethylene trapped in the fridge.

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Nutrifresh Inverter Compressor

The Godrej refrigerators models have nutrifresh inverter compressor which ensures that fridge run at a variable speed based upon the input from the sensor arrangement. During summers if the cooling load is more, then compressor works at peak capacity drawing more electricity. And during winter as the cooling amount is less, the compressor runs at the slower speed thereby consuming less power. Thus it helps in saving electricity.

Multiplay System

Another notable feature of the refrigerators manufactured by Godrej is that they consist of multiplay music player. This technology enables the user to play music while working in the kitchen. In this system, music can be played by connecting it with a USB or FM.


Finally, the warranty period is one year from the date of purchase. And the Godrej refrigerator warranty period for the compressor is ten years. Even more, the refrigerators manufactured, Godrej refrigerator replacement parts and Godrej Refrigerator repair are user-friendly. Furthermore, they come with varieties of options like Godrej refrigerator mini, Godrej refrigerator side by side, etc. Hence, the consumers having a tight budget but want a refrigerator made up with the right quality parts can opt for Godrej refrigerators.


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