Hitachi Refrigerator In India: Buying Guide 2020

Find Best Hitachi Refrigerator in India based on performance, features, and reviews. Hitachi is a Japanese company, which offers a wide range of domestic appliances to the market. Above all, the technological advancements and mechanical skills of the Japanese manufacturers offers a quality product. The latest sequence of Hitachi’s refrigerators utilizes superior & technical designs for preserving the quality and freshness of food. The company has widened its manufacturing field and gives us – double door, French door, & six door models in India.

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Hitachi Refrigerator Technologies

Dual Fan Air Jet Flow

Single fan machinery is the most common in regular devices. But Hitachi has included this mechanics of dual-fan Air Jet flow. Thus both the compartments of the fridge have individual cooling essentials. The frontal Jet Freezing skill provides cool air from both sides of the unit.

Hybrid Cooling for Preserving Frozen Food

This technology present in Hitachi models is engineered with aluminum. Thus passes the foodstuff through a cooling zone of -1°C and -5°C. This skill aids in the improvement of texture & quality of food items stored.

Aero Care and Moisture Guard

Convertible crisper comes with aero care advancement feature and also locks the moisture of the items. Aero care offers an elevated amount of carbon dioxide content using platinum. This keeps the freshness of the vegetables. Above all, Photocatalyst preservation ensures the killing of the germs and bacteria through LED lights. Hence, it breaks the ethylene gas and removes odor from the appliance. Thus you can easily store meat and vegetables for a long time.

Best Hitachi refrigerator

Customizable Interiors to Ease Your Food Storage

New Hitachi Refrigerator has a double door, which ensures storage of large quantity of food items. There is also a shelf in a slide that enhances taking out of the tray. The user can easily check the items, and even customize the interior of the fridge as per need. There are door pockets which can be adjusted depending upon the objects you are willing to keep.

Tempered Glass Shelves

Tempered glass is known to be sturdy and strong. This ensures durability to the product.

Easy to Clean Mold proof Gasket

Recent innovations come with an air-tight arrangement, which insulates the air within the device. This gasket can be removed for cleaning purpose.

Titanium Filter to Remove Odor and Bacteria

The latest addition to the Hitachi refrigerators has cutting-edge Nano filter machinery. This de-odorizes the air and de-climates all the bacteria’s within the appliance.

Eco-friendly Refrigerant and LED

Above all, energy saving is one of the prime focus for Hitachi refrigerators. Hence newer ones use eco-friendly R600a refrigerant. Even more, R600a is known to have minimum non-toxic elements with zero ODP (Ozone Depletion Potential).

They use energy-efficient LED lights. Therefore emits much lesser heat consuming lesser power.

Touchscreen Control and Water Dispenser

Touchscreen organizer ensures data related to cooling operations. Moreover, this is at your fingertip. Also, the LED ensures monitoring of every moment within the fridge. You can control the operations without even touching the doors.

DC Inverter Compressor with Stabilizer-free Operation

Every appliance is now provided with an inverter mechanics to provide resistance capacity.  The inverter control and the sensors for thermal and environmental issues add to the product. This makes the model more efficient in power consumption,


Furthermore, Hitachi is one of the components of the Hitachi Group, which is considered within the Fortune list of appliances. But it is neglected because of the unavailability of regular fridge models. Though, the double door and French door designs are brilliantly designed by the units. Thus opt for this brand if you want to add a premium model appliance in your household.


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